We Deliver Your Most Responsive Audiences

Signal Capture

Remarketable captures dozens of websites visit behavioral data points that we use to target your best prospects and convert them to new customers with timely, relevant and compelling direct mail, email and social media.


Industry Leading
Match Rates

No one offers higher match rates of anonymous visitors to addressable prospects. 

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Enrichment Data

 We integrate web browsing behavioral data with our curated and comprehensive universe of 3rd party data attributes—including demographics, psychographics, and milestone events such as new movers, newly-weds, or new parents to ensure the most profitable audience segmentation

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Data Science

Successful Direct Mail is an art.  But it also depends on leading edge Data Science.  Remarketable combines art and science to identify and target your very best prospects with the most effective media mix, offers and messaging.

So You Can Deploy
More Targeted Campaigns

Custom Creative


Send creative customized with the products, offers, and images that your prospects care about. Remarketable makes it easy to customize at scale, and quickly — postcards can be in mailbox within 24-48 hours. 

Deliver your message via the format that suits your brand best. From simple postcards to more robust mini-catalogs, Remarketable can support many formats and help you reach back out to prospects in the most impactful way.


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Multichannel Opportunities

Smart marketers know that nothing beats direct mail when it comes to acquiring high-value new customers and generating sales.  What’s even better than Direct Mail?  Direct mail plus social media, video, email, digital display and addressable TV.  In fact, Direct Mail, in conjunction with one or more of these additional, supportive media can increase performance by 100% or more at a small incremental increase in cost.

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Performance Attribution

We never leave you guessing at how well Remarketable has performed.  Scientifically designed hold-out cells allow you a finger on the pulse of your campaigns at all times.  How many new customers did we acquire? And at what incremental cost.   How much incremental revenue did we generate?  And at what ROI?  And that’s not all: The Remarketable platform will help you evaluate the economic opportunity represented by your anonymous website visitors.


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