A Strategic Approach

refined over 40 years helping the leading brands in virtually every category of business to acquire high-value new customers and maximize the value of each and every one. 


Privacy By Design

Remarketable was conceived and developed to facilitate and assure privacy compliance throughout the Remarketable process. We consider privacy compliance to be of utmost importance in multichannel Remarketable, and hold ourselves and our partners to the highest standards. Remarketable’s Privacy Compliance Officer reviews our partners’ and clients’ websites and makes specific recommendations for improvement to assure all privacy compliance requirements are met. We review our partners’ privacy policies across websites to determine if they are in compliance with Remarketable guidelines. If not, we’ll provide a comprehensive prescription for compliance.

Our Strategic Approch

Our process begins with a thorough assessment of the activity we see on your site. This enables us to identify profitable audiences before we start spending your campaign dollars. By basing our campaign recommendations on strategic insights, we are able to eliminate budgetary waste, even for initial programs. This upfront analysis boosts campaign performance so that Remarketable names typically perform in the top 20% of all names mailed by our clients. Other providers immediately start executing campaigns with virtually zero insights about your brand, your traffic, the most productive segments or meeting your Return On Ad Spend.


Experience and Credibility

Over the past 40 years we have led and pioneered innovative data marketing solutions. More to the point, our clients and partners - including the leaders in virtually every business category - have learned again and again the value of entrusting their 1st party data to us. The Remarketable team brings together seasoned Direct Marketing veterans and best of breed Digital Technologists. The result: A platform that enables marketers to acquire high value new customers, subscribers or donors at the lowest possible cost. Other providers don’t have 40 years of industry experience with a team of Direct Marketing experts and thought leaders to ensure the success of your campaigns.


Meet Our Team


Donn Rappaport

Chairman and CEO

Donn Rappaport is Chairman of the ALC group of smart data solutions companies, which includes Remarketable, as well as the Match Partner Network, a pioneering leader in the burgeoning field of ID resolution. He is also a member of the Board of Directors of Belardi/Ostroy, a direct marketing and creative agency specializing in providing multi-channel customer acquisition, retention and monetization solutions to retail, catalog and ecommerce businesses.


Bryan MacDonald

EVP Product & Strategy

Bryan MacDonald is Remarketable’s Executive Vice President of Product & Operations, where he owns product strategy and roadmap to ensure we keep pace with market demand and competition. He’s launched numerous products for ALC, one of Remarketable’s main investors, including Match Partner Network and Digital Audiences. His marketing and integration efforts have helped grow an organization from initial startup and launch through two mergers with competitor organizations.

He has served as a Senior Marketing Executive at one of the nation’s largest auto insurance companies, where he oversaw an overall marketing budget of $200M and developed a three-year business strategy to transform the company into a digitally-driven, customer-centric organization.


Benjamin Moore

Chief Data Officer

Benjamin Moore serves as a Chief Data Officer for Remarketable, where he helps clients achieve results through the use of predictive analytics, data modeling, and enhanced segmentation.

He is a career analytics professional, marketer, entrepreneur, and graduate of the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School of Business. As a data scientist, Ben is an experienced SQL, PHP, HTML, SAS, and R programmer. As a statistician, Ben routinely develops logistic and linear predictive models, segmentation models, and machine learning algorithms. As a marketer, Ben managed multi-channel direct marketing operations at two insurance companies, managing annual budgets in excess of $150 million.

Combining predictive modeling, automation and investment management practices used in portfolio management, Ben optimized and automated marketing programs leading to substantial revenue growth. While at AIG, this effort led to weekly sales doubling on the same advertising budget within 18 months.


Danielle Macchia

SVP Client Engagement

Danielle Macchia is Remarketable’s Senior Vice President of Client Services. She is a member of the executive leadership team, with an overall responsibility for P&L for the company’s existing client base. She and her team ensure client satisfaction and retention, revenue growth and flawless campaign execution.

Over the course of her career, she has generated more than $150 million in revenue on behalf of key global brands. Through her extensive background in developing innovative marketing strategies across channels and building key relationships in competitive marketplaces, she continues to bolster the Remarketable team with her insider knowledge while using the REM solution to help clients achieve success and conquer their own marketing challenges.


John Matzelle

Director of Sales

John Matzelle is Remarketable’s Director of Sales, where he spearheads our approach to the market, as well as our conversations with global brands. He specializes in developing personalized use cases for each client, and driving new clients and revenue for Remarketable.

Before joining Remarketable, John spent time as an Account Executive at Kinetic Social, a social data and marketing group, where he prospected, pitched, built relationships, and acquired new clients. He also executed and optimized paid social campaigns for major brands, and strengthened relationships with companies like Facebook, Twitter, and more. He also generated $2M in advertising revenue during his time at Kinetic, and has also worked at Booker Software and Ameriprise Financial.


Sam Rubenstein

Senior Account Executive

Sam Rubenstein is a senior account executive at Remarketable and brings with him a wealth of knowledge of the digital advertising industry. Sam began his career planning and executing media campaigns for some of the largest brands including AT&T and Xerox before transitioning to the adtech world. There he was instrumental in getting OwnerIQ, a company that specialized in digital programmatic advertising leveraging 2nd party data from retailers and manufacturers. Aside from understanding the ins and outs of the digital advertising landscape Sam enjoys playing sports, pop culture and spending time with his two kids Jillian and Lucas and his wife Melissa. He has served as a Senior Marketing Executive at one of the nation’s largest auto insurance companies, where he oversaw an overall marketing budget of $12MM and developed a three-year business strategy to transform the company into a digitally-driven, customer-centric organization.


Gary MacDougall

Director of AdTech Operations

Gary MacDougall is Remarketable’s Director of AdTech Operations. He is responsible for developing, maintaining, and automating the processes of the tech stack as it relates to campaign execution, analytics, and product development. Gary has spent over a decade in the data marketing industry in various roles including data management, campaign execution, and tag management with an eye for process improvement and operational efficiencies. His key role in developing, executing, and evolving the operational processes for a startup identity resolution business was instrumental in being able to grow that business to over $5 million per year in gross revenue.


Jennifer Cibulskis

Campaign Manager

Jennifer Cibulskis is Remarketable’s Client Engagement Manager. Jennifer interacts with the client, vendors and Remarketable strategy and analytics teams to execute and manage campaigns. From client onboarding, creative execution, and program set up, to post campaign reporting and invoicing, Jennifer works with the client and Remarketable internal teams to ensure productivity, quality and satisfaction.

Jennifer launched her career with ALC 3 years ago on the ALC Digital team. As part of the Digital Audiences and Idify teams, Jennifer supported the sales teams, as an operational point of contact for onboarding new clients and vendors. During this time, Jennifer built strong relationships with clients including Adobe, Hearst, and Living Social. For the past 1.5 years Jennifer has played an instrumental role in developing, documenting, and implementing the Remarketable Team’s client services processes. She manages the day-to-day client relationships and delivers flawless campaign execution for such clients as Square, Staples, Special Olympics and Fresh Direct.