We take the signal from your website
to power Direct Mail and more…

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Signal Capture

We put a pixel on your website, build a real-time profile of your visitors and forecast what website behavior is most likely to result in a conversion.

Audience Match

We match the device and Cookie IDs to known, verified individuals along with their US Post Office verified postal address.  You won’t find a company with higher match rates than us.

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Enrichment Data

Using both proprietary and third-party data sets that we’ve been curating for over 40 years, we overlay known customer segments on top of the digitally derived audience to verify and refine targeting for improved campaign performance.


Our platform applies machine learning to optimize campaign performance and achieve continuous improvements in offer development, timing, frequency, and more. 


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Measurement & Performance

We always use a hold-out segment so that our models can be continuously refined against a base-case and performance can be quantified. Our average lift against a hold out is 30%.

Make it Personal

This is what makes sure your message breaks through and is relevant. It makes no material difference to the cost of your campaign to customize the printed material based on attributes such as demographic, psychographic, geographic or behavioral data. But the increase in ROI even if all you do is break your creative into two categories can be dramatic.

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Once you've started using our Direct Mail product, you'll want to reach the same audience in other channels in order to maximize ROI.  We can extend into Social, Display, Video, and Connected TV using the same methodology.

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